How To Keep Seniors Safe, Comfortable, & Living At Home

We’re living in the age of information overload: read this, share that, and check out this video. We’re hit with information so quickly that we have to weed through what is relevant to us. Unfortunately, not knowing certain information can prove to be costly, and it can keep us from getting what we want. Maybe senior living isn’t on your list right now, but if you need extra care wherever you are calling home, you’ll want to read this information so you know how we can help!

Most of us do not want to move out of our homes. If you’re determined to continue living at home, that’s okay. There are ways you can make it work. Unfortunately, if you’re ill-prepared at home, and go too long without support, that opens the floodgates for the risk of injuries and diminished health.

Once you decide that home is where you’re staying, navigating the world of home care can be confusing, too. What’s available? How much does it cost? What comes to the door with home care? Does a nurse visit my home? Do they have to be with me all the time? Because we understand that aging is challenging enough, we’d like to offer an opportunity to learn more about the world of home care.

Check out Home Care Companions today!


At Home Care Companions, we love to provide choice and flexibility when it comes to services at home. Did you know that we can send a friendly, fun staff member to just stop by twice per week and play cards or take a walk with your loved one? Companionship is only part of what we do. Sometimes that friendly card player helps your loved one realize that there are other areas where they could use a little friendly help, too!

We also offer personal care, homemaking, errand running, and appointment scheduling. Our caregivers are friendly, and we match them to meet what each client needs. There’s really something for all, depending on your wishes, and many of our clients make great friends with their caregivers, too!

Here are some thinking points about home care. Think to yourself, is my loved one having difficulty with any of the following?

  • Decreased appetite or weight loss

  • Forgetting medications (are you finding miscellaneous pills around the house?)

  • Piled up laundry

  • Wearing slip-on only shoes and clothing

  • Unclean food prep areas or floors

Some of these are more concerning than others, but add them together – or worse yet, pile them up for too long, and it becomes harder to feel good about staying home. Worrying about who can help can also take a toll on our loved one’s mental health, making home uncomfortable for them. Sometimes adding just a little help can provide the peace of mind that they, and you, deserve. It can also free up their time and energy to enjoy being retired!

Cooking for one, reaching too high, reaching too low, or lifting things that are too heavy for us can create issues, especially if we try for too long to keep doing those things ourselves. No one wants to readily admit they can’t do something, or that something is becoming difficult, but not asking for help can come with high costs. When injuries occur and a hospitalization or rehabilitation stay at a skilled nursing facility is needed, those costs affect us all both physically and monetarily. It can also be pricey emotionally, too, if someone is pushed to live where they don’t feel comfortable. The key is having help available before it’s too late. By allowing us to provide convenient care and services, we’ll help you maintain your dignity throughout the ups and downs that come with getting older.

Home Care Companions Presents: The Guide to Home Care

Home Care Companions will be featuring a live educational series of short, informational videos on what services they can offer at home, how they can be funded, and better yet, how using services at home just may help you stay there!  Beginning June 8th, 2022, we’ll be going live on Facebook every two weeks, at 12 pm CST, with a new video comprising a six-part series.

Our video series will explain what services are available through Home Care Companions or other providers. We’ll share real-life experiences, and explain home healthcare vs. home care, as well as funding options. We’ll clarify which services can help with activities of daily living, and we will provide you with expert advice and resources on how having the right help at home can keep you living there safely!

If you’re interested in aging at home with independence and in good health, we get it; it’s why we’re here! We encourage you to join us for this awesome opportunity to learn more about what we do and how we can help; sign up here.

Can’t wait for the video series? Excellent! Check us out now at or call us at 701.757.4044.

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