“I Could Use Some Help”

Those are tricky words, but not asking for help can be even more challenging, trust me! I was cleaning my house, and a lightbulb went out. I got the ladder, and as soon as I opened it, I thought “I probably shouldn’t be doing this,” but I muddled through it. On the way down the ladder, feeling pretty good about my accomplishment, the phone rang. I hurried to answer it and tripped. I had all I could do to hobble to the phone, and instead of answering it, I had to call for help. My daughter came over and took me to the ER. Thankfully, it was just a sprained ankle, but I knew I needed help at home while I healed.

Set Pride Aside

Pride comes before the fall—slight pun intended! Asking for help is hard. So is relying on those we love to interrupt their busy lives and come to our aid. Since we were about two years old, “I can do it” has been part of our vocabulary—perhaps even when we can’t do something. It’s tough to ask for help; there’s no question.

When I was in the ER, explaining to the nurse how I got there, she explained that sometimes, having a little support before we need a lot is beneficial, even if it’s only for a couple of tasks. She shared that her mom hired a company to help her at home because she didn’t want to move to assisted living. The home care staff cleaned her house, did grocery shopping, made routine lightbulb changes, took her to appointments, and sometimes, the staff would visit her for a friendly game of cards.

Find Support

I knew that I needed to do this very same thing, and I found a great company that was very accommodating!

One of the hardest parts of injuring my ankle was getting cleaned up. My doctor didn’t want me getting in and out of the shower when I was home alone. She was afraid that I would fall and further injure my ankle. After I explained this to the lady helping me, she devised a great plan: she would wait in the hallway outside my bathroom just in case I needed her. That offered me so much peace of mind! I was able to maintain my independence while following my doctor’s orders.

They also helped me get groceries, put them away, and cook meals I could easily reheat. Since my laundry machines were in the basement and I was using crutches, they helped me to wash, dry, and put away my clean clothes. They did my linen changes and kept my dog fed.

The company I am raving about is called Home Care Companions. They’ve been in the personal care industry for a long time and understand how hard it is to ask for help; they know people’s apprehensions about allowing unfamiliar folks into their homes to provide care. They were friendly, reliable, and flexible.

While spraining my ankle wasn’t something I had planned, the support I received from Home Care Companions has helped me realize that I have some options to stay home without feeling anxious about it and without putting my loved ones out. The experience gave me hope for my future, and if you could use a little hope too, give them a shout at hccinfo@yourhomecarecompanions.com.


Annie Corbin

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