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It’s Women’s History Month. While many caring, hardworking women are busy improving the world, we’re celebrating one of our outstanding leaders!

Missy Johnson is the Vice President of Home Care Services for Edgewood Healthcare. She operates Home Care Companions and Edgewood 55+ Affordable Senior Housing.

Home Care Companions offers personal care services, errand and appointment management, companion care, and more! They help people with tasks at home while recovering from injuries, new moms who need a couple of extra hands, or seniors who are trying to make it at home as long as they can.

Edgewood 55+ Affordable Senior Housing (formerly Parkwood) features independent apartments with excellent on-site amenities. Not only is the rent affordable, but the location and additional on-site businesses offer tenants a neighborhood of support under the same roof they call home!

About Missy:

Missy graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and social science and a minor in computer technologies, business, and marketing. After graduation, she became an adult education and workforce training educator for the Job Service of North Dakota and Workforce Development.

From there, she moved on to teach and aid in developing programs in health careers, computer technologies, entrepreneurship, business, and marketing education at North Valley Career and Technology Center in Grafton, ND. In 2008, she became the owner/operator of Home Care Companions. In 2019, Home Care Companions joined Edgewood’s network of service providers.

Missy’s passion for helping people succeed is strong! Her years of experience have prepared her to help people find the solutions they need to lead independent lives with comfort and care.

Sharing Resources:

Missy explained, “The best part of my work is helping a family connect with services that help their loved one live their best life at home—wherever that may be. We really want to see our clients be successful.”

The number of people who need help to live at home safely continues to grow daily. While much of our society is aging, not everyone wants to move into senior living. When people begin navigating the vast array of senior living services, they realize the multitude of options available are far more than moving to a skilled nursing facility or even assisted living. For those who need some help, Home Care Companions can provide just the support they need to bridge the gap.

Missy is also the manager of Edgewood 55+ Affordable Senior Housing (formerly Edgewood’s Parkwood Senior Living). In this role, she can network with tenants, service providers, and other groups in the Grand Forks area that serve our aging population to bring services to individuals where they need them, allowing them to age safely. 

Inspiration Equals Motivation:

Learning from the people you meet is always an unexpected perk of the job. Missy explained that she enjoys meeting all the people in her daily work but loves learning from her elderly clients. “Every time I meet an elderly person with a positive attitude, it inspires me to continue to do what I do. Life is difficult, and if you can make it through 80 years and still have a positive attitude, you did something right along the way!”

About Home Care Companions:

Sometimes, aging or injuries can limit a person’s abilities. Limitations might be temporary, for instance, needing help while recovering from an injury or illness, or limitations may be long-term due to a decline in abilities related to the aging process or significant health problems. Home Care Companions can offer services tailored to each person’s needs.

The following helpful services are available from Home Care Companions:

  • Appointments/Running Errands
  • Companion Care
  • Homemaking
  • Personal Care Services

Are you feeling inspired to help others live their best lives? Missy would LOVE to have you join her team! Apply here to learn more about the rewarding positions we have available.

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