7 Tips For A Great Summer Trip!

Are you planning a summer road trip? All road trips can be fun and memorable, but it’s best to plan ahead to work out the potential kinks before you get to packing that suitcase! Whether you’re 25 or 74, traveling can be equal parts exhilarating and challenging. To reach beautiful destinations, we’re sometimes faced with obstacles like road construction and flight hiccups. Regardless of how you reach your vacation destination, we want to make your journey a joyous experience, and not like a trip to the DMV.

Whether you’re flying in the sky or down the interstate, here are 7 tips to improve your travel experience:

1. Be early

Booking airfare, hotels, and rental cars early can have significant cost-saving benefits.

If you’re traveling by air, be sure to arrive with enough time to clear security. There’s nothing worse than trying to rush to the gates like we used to see in the movies. The earlier you are, the more relaxed the experience will be. You’ll have time to loll around and buy a copy of your favorite book, or perhaps even read your favorite blogs from Home Care Companions!

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2. Be organized

Don’t forget your ID, travel documents, and plenty of cash to buy those fun souvenirs!

Make sure your carry-on baggage has proper zippers and closures. No one wants to go surfing through the airplane or the backseat for your mints, your hand sanitizer, or your recent copy of Who’s Done Whaaaaat??

3. Be well-rested

Traveling makes us all tired – whether it’s a 90-minute drive or a 5-hour flight to somewhere beautiful, we get sleepy. Trying to rest on a flight or in the car is less than ideal, so having a good night’s rest before you start is helpful if you can.

4. Be watered

We’re sticking with the “be’s,” here but in all seriousness, hydration is important. That previous bullet point mentioned travel making people sleepy, and dehydration can do the very same thing; it can make you feel foggy. Be sure to keep sipping to make the most of your trip!

5. Be snacked

Gone are the days when people were served peanuts and cocktails with a smile, or a complimentary meal in the sky. Whether you’re a grazer or you depend on meals to take medications, having meals or snacks ready in advance is optimal to feel your best no matter how you’re traveling.

*Side tip: nutritious snacks are not always available at gas stations, so packing some of those in advance can be nice to feel your best. If the convenience store ends up being your lunch destination, reach for the apples or bananas if they look agreeable.

6. Be comfortable

Wear comfy clothing that allows you to move freely. This is especially useful if you’re traveling by air and need to remove your shoes or belt for security.

Wearing comfortable, accessible, yet good-gripping footwear to prevent falls is ideal too.

Bringing a light, packable blanket or travel scarf can be nice if you need to “just rest your eyes” during the trip.

*Helpful side tip: travel items like scarves, pillows, or portable reading/music devices make the journey more comfortable, and they can make excellent gifts for seniors too.

7. Be safe

Remember, health and safety first! Don’t forget any medications you may need, a travel first-aid kit, and your glasses or contacts.

Make sure in your packing that you have not forgotten to pack things accessibly – having medications, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, and other necessities handy is important.

If you pack medications or syringes that you need to carry on board a flight, make sure these items are easily accessible too, so they can be presented for the TSA agent’s screening process. Liquid medications are allowable separately and can be exempt from the 3-1-1 rule if they’re prescribed.

If you use a device for mobility, like a cane or walker, make sure you bring it and use it so you can safely see all the things!

If you’re flying, check the airline’s guidelines for mobility devices. If you’re a tall individual, your appropriately sized cane may not fit in the overhead bin during your flight. To avoid SNAFUs of needing to check your cane and pay added baggage fees, politely ask about it at your airline’s check-in counter. Ask if they may be able to find a place aboard the airplane for it to be safely stowed for easy access.

If you require any special accommodations as you’re traveling, be sure to contact your airline before you travel to see what options might be available for safely navigating the airport. Some airlines can offer a golf cart chauffeur, or let you borrow an in-house wheelchair to safely reach your exit.

We hope, no matter where you’re traveling this year, that you enjoy your trip with these useful tips from Home Care Companions!

If you need help packing your bags or packing up your comforts of home and essentials, give Home Care Companions a shout at hccinfo@yourhomecarecompanions.com. Home Care Companions offers several helpful services at home, from homemaking and chores to personal care and trips to the doctor. We’ll even stop over and visit with you about your trip when you return home! 

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