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The ABCs of ADLs and IADLs

More acronyms to learn? Gee whiz! Trust us, these are important ones and once you know them, they’ll click.

Let’s take a look at what we mean when we say ADL and IADL and provide some examples:

ADL – Activities of Daily Living

IADL – Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

ADLs may include:

IADLs may include:

Simply put, ADLs and IADLs are tasks we complete most days. We typically take these abilities for granted—until we need help with them!

Sometimes when we look at these on a list, we may begin to realize that we can’t do all the tasks on our own, or can’t safely complete them on our own anymore (with safely being the focus). While an Assisted Living Community is an option, more and more seniors are opting to have assistance brought to them in the comfort of their own home. If you feel like you or a loved one could use some help at home, Home Care Companions is here to lend a hand and assist with both ADLs and IADLs.

Home Care Companions offers in-home support services that can take some responsibilities off your loved ones’ plates. Identifying that you may need help at home can help you age in place, maintain your independence and stay at home longer.  We try to identify functional difficulties because we want to make sure your loved ones are getting the help and support they need to compensate for, or overcome, these difficulties. We also want to help any family caregivers who might be struggling to assist someone in need.

Do you or a loved one have difficulty keeping up with all the regular housework? Or maybe you have physical limitations that make things too difficult (or painful) to complete? Maybe you need assistance with getting to an appointment, or you are seeking someone to join you so you’re less lonely.

With support from Home Care Companions, we can help you be safe and healthy while residing in your home!

Here’s what we can offer:

Companionship services


Personal care

Errands and appointments

Whatever your needs might be, we want to support you the way you need it! We’ll happily set up an assessment with you (and your family if you wish) and hand-select a caregiver who matches both your needs and your personality—many of our caregivers become trusted friends.

If you’d like to learn more, please call us at 701.757.4044 or visit us on-line.

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