The Benefits of Using Personal Care Services

Want to maintain your independence but find yourself needing a little help around the house? Using a personal care service, like Home Care Companions, is a great option! Personal care providers will work with you to understand your needs and provide as much or as little help as needed, offering a wide range of non-medical services, including companionship, running errands, personal care, and homemaking. They will strive to make your life as hassle-free as possible while allowing you to remain in your current home for many years to come.

Partner in Your Care Plan

Personal care providers can help you and your family to find the right care for your needs. If the provider finds that more care is required than they are able to provide, they’ll consult with additional services to ensure you receive the care that’s needed at this time. You can receive as much or as little help as needed, and they’ll understand your requests may change over the years. Personal care services are completely personalized to your requirements, and if all you want is someone to help with cleaning and cooking, you can just opt to receive those services.

No Referrals Needed

You don’t need a doctor’s order to start working with a personal care provider. That means you can get started using this service straight away without endless paperwork and back and forth with the doctor’s office. For anyone who is concerned about maintaining their independence, you’ll find this to be the perfect solution to give you a helping hand with those tasks you may find more challenging than before.

Complimentary In-Home Consultation

Before working with a personal care provider, you should receive a complimentary in-home consultation. This will allow the team to ascertain the type of care that would be most suitable for your needs and put together a plan for the tasks you need assistance with. They’ll work to understand your current home setup and discuss with you your expectations for working with their team.

Value for Money

Just a few hours of companionship and care at the current time can help you to remain in your home for longer. This could save you thousands of dollars in the long run and reduce the chance of you needing further medical assistance or care. By paying attention to your needs currently and avoiding putting yourself into dangerous situations, you’ll be far less likely to have an accident in your home. Personal care providers understand that many people today want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and with a supportive team by your side, you’ll be able to stay where you are for many more years.

For more information about our full range of personal care services at Home Care Companions, contact one of our friendly teams today at We can arrange a complimentary in-home consultation, where we will work with you to decide which services would be most useful for helping you to maintain your independence for many years to come.

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