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As the pandemic slows, more businesses are opening their doors and welcoming back previous and NEW employees to help with the masses of pent-up customers and entertainment seekers. For us at Home Care Companions, this means more competition when it comes to scooping up qualified, caring candidates to help us care for clients in our local community. However, we deeply understand the value of our employees and we are passionate about making a difference, cultivating a culture of customer service for both our clients and employees.

If you are looking for a new, soul-soothing challenge this year, we are currently expanding our team to aid us in offering personal care to individuals in our community, helping them remain independent in their homes.

We specialize in non-medical assistance, such as homemaking, personal care, and companionship, as opposed to home health care which focuses on medical needs. Keep reading to learn about the great benefits of working at Home Care Companions!

The Top Reasons to Be a Care Companion

Flexible Hours

If you are looking for a career that fits around your personal life or looking after your own family, you’ll find working as a care companion to be the perfect job for you. We understand that not everyone wants to work full-time, and so we can discuss the ideal schedule for your current commitments. You can set your own hours and days for your schedule, so you can enjoy working with us alongside any other part-time jobs you may currently hold.

No Certification Needed

Unlike working as a home health care assistant, you won’t need any form of certification to work as a caregiver with Home Care Companions. You don’t need to be qualified to work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), and we’ll work with you to develop the skills you need for the job role. You’ll find that you already know how to perform many of the required tasks, thanks to looking after your own family and home.

A Rewarding Career

In our opinion, there’s no more rewarding career than looking after someone during the later stage of their life. You’ll work to build relationships with your clients and encourage their independence. Individuals who live alone really appreciate the companionship you offer, and you can make a massive difference to their quality of life. You’ll also find you learn so much from working with our clients, who all have interesting life stories to share with you.

Fits in With Your Lifestyle

Regardless of your current schedule and personal interests, you’ll find that working at Home Care Companions fits in with your lifestyle. If you particularly enjoy spending time with your family at the weekends, you can ensure you always take this time off to do the things you love most.

Extra Income

We know that many of our team have found the past year particularly challenging. Our work offers you the chance to boost your household income and enjoy a steady stream of income to support your family. Many of our team just work part-time to fit in with another job, but you could also join our team full-time to support your needs. How much you earn is entirely up to you and your schedule.

Because you’re deeply appreciated and NEEDED

Our clients deserve your help. Feel good about aiding those whose families aren’t available to assist or to those who simply do not have anyone to help them with their needs. With a little assistance, you can help local seniors or vulnerable adults stay in their homes, live healthier, prevent injury or strain, and bring them something we all need for healthy well-being, friendship. Simple conversation and companionship are vital for overall happiness, peace of mind for our clients’ families, and can also serve as a preventative tool, catching illness and mental declines sooner. 

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